Self Drive

For obvious reasons, given our enthusiasm for guided safaris and the extremely high quality of our guiding team, we don’t encourage self-drive safaris in Namibia. We really do believe that visitors get a much more authentic, life enriching and in-depth experience of the country when travelling with one of our guides as they are able to help them “connect” with the local people and the environment. Added to that, our guides are almost invariably singled out as being the most significant highlight of any safari and we don’t want our guests to miss out on that. However, we are willing and able to arrange self-drive safaris for operators and agents who normally book guided safaris with us that have the occasional clients who insist on wanting to ‘do it for themselves’..

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1060 Starling Street

Windhoek, Namibia

Cell: +264812530828



Namibia Tourism


Why Us

  1. We are Proudly Namibian; a truly Namibian tribe but with a discernibly international flair.
  2. We protect the interests of our partners; we work through a well-developed global network of destination specialists and direct ‘local’ business their way.

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