• Private Guide

    The operation of well-constructed and expertly guided private safaris is the basis on which Ultimate Safaris was built, and therefore what we are best known for.

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  • Small Group Guide

    These are generally safaris created for specific international tour operators or travel agents who sell these safaris exclusively to their own clients in the name of their respective organizations.

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  • Cycling/Hiking/Active

    More active safaris are becoming increasingly popular as travelers become more health conscious and are attracted to safaris that offer more in the way of exercise.

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  • Small Group Guide

    We have different types of vehicles for rental with an option to cross borders into SADC countries

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  • Specialist Guide

    While our naturalist guides are all recognised as specialists in their own fields, we also organise group safaris with very specific requirements that are led by independent experts.

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  • VIP Travel

    We are fortunate to have been trusted with the safari arrangements for a number of famous well-known and influential visitors.

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  • Film support

    Our experience and resources enable us to offer complete solutions for film crews wanting to work in Namibia.

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  • Self-drive

    We are willing and able to arrange self-drive safaris for operators and agents who normally book guided safaris with us

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Many years of experience has given us a wide variety of options to offer when considering a safari in Namibia. However, this experience has taught us that some combinations work particularly well for specific requirements and we try to make sure this awareness is put to good use when justifying our proposals. We also feel that there are some aspects to do with quality and safety which should be fundamental and on which compromises are not acceptable.

We have also been careful to ensure that we avoid duplication in what we offer to different operators so that each group safari is specifically associated with the branding of the company involved and that it resonates with the clientele to whom it is designed to appeal. This means each operator can promote its own product without concern that it would be immediately apparent to any outsider that they are using the same local specialist safari operator as their competitors.

Our core business is based around the traditional Namibian product where our guides take guests around the country on a ground based private guided safari. However, we are very flexible about what is possible and we often combine different safari types where we feel this gives the most efficient option. It is therefore often the case that we recommend a short fly-in safari to be followed by meeting up with a guide to continue on a private guided safari in the areas where this offers the greatest value and it makes the best use of the time that is available.

Ultimate Safaris generally subscribes to the policy that ‘less can be more’. We want to ensure that our guests enjoy specific areas to their maximum potential and this sometimes means limiting the number of destinations to be visited in order to avoid the risk of trying to fit too much into a limited time. There are circumstances where time is limited and visiting destinations that are far apart is essential so moving quickly is unavoidable. However, we can easily increase the pace when specifically required to do so, even if this is something we would not normally recommend unless it is truly essential.

Ultimate Safaris is not tied to any specific establishments in the more remote areas of the country so we do not feel obliged to tailor the itineraries we recommend to favour any particular establishment. We are therefore entirely free to propose only what we feel would be most suitable and provide best value for any visiting guest or group. This and the very wide variety of experiences on offer in Namibia, mean that we are able to provide a large number of different safari options to meet different requirements

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  1. We are Proudly Namibian; a truly Namibian tribe but with a discernibly international flair.
  2. We protect the interests of our partners; we work through a well-developed global network of destination specialists and direct ‘local’ business their way.

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