Film support

Film support

Our experience and resources enable us to offer complete solutions for film crews wanting to work in Namibia. We are well placed to assist whether this involves the provision of staff and suitable vehicles to move crews around; the inclusion of all the equipment needed to set up fully serviced film base camps that can operate for months in the most remote areas; the scouting for that ultimate location; or just the facilitation of the necessary permits etc. We have worked with a wide variety of crews from many countries, most of whom have dramatically differing requirements, ranging from a vehicle and guide to accompany small crews of three or four, to large scale logistical operations with specially modified trucks, aircraft, and helicopters for an IMAX style production.

Contact Info

1060 Starling Street

Windhoek, Namibia

Cell: +264812530828



Namibia Tourism


Why Us

  1. We are Proudly Namibian; a truly Namibian tribe but with a discernibly international flair.
  2. We protect the interests of our partners; we work through a well-developed global network of destination specialists and direct ‘local’ business their way.

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